Original Product Warranty

1. Honda Warranty Period:

Starts from the date of delivery of the vehicle, 3 years or 100,000 km; whichever comes first ends. However, the vehicle's legal warranty period is 2 years or 60,000 km from the date of delivery (whichever comes first). The elective rights of the consumer, such as replacing the vehicle arising from TKHK with the same amount without loss, returning the price and discounting the price of the defect, are valid for 2 years or 60.000 km (whichever comes first). After the legal warranty period, until the end of the Honda warranty period, the consumer has the right to repair only under the following conditions.

Honda warranty period; For taxi, rental car, driving school vehicles and commercial company vehicles, it is 2 years or 60.000 km from the date of delivery (whichever comes first). Pert vehicles are guaranteed as of the date of pert.

2. Warranty Coverage:

All parts of the vehicle, including all parts of the vehicle, are under the warranty of our company in accordance with the specified conditions. In the event that the vehicle fails due to material, workmanship or assembly error within the warranty period; It will be repaired without any charge under labor cost, replacement part cost or any other name. Honda Authorized Service will be carried out in the form of repair in line with the determination, or if the repair is not possible, by replacing the part. Parts that are repaired or replaced under the warranty can only be covered by the vehicle within the remaining warranty period. The resulting parts then become the property of our company. In addition, original accessories fitted to the vehicle after production are out of warranty of the vehicle.

3. Repair Time:

In case of a repair under warranty, the time spent in repair is added to the warranty period. The repair time of the vehicle is maximum 30 working days. This period starts from the date of notification to the service station of the vehicle related fault and to the seller, dealer, agent, representative, importer or manufacturer of the vehicle in the absence of the service station. In warranty repairs, if the vehicle malfunctions are not resolved within 10 business days, the manufacturer or importer must allocate another vehicle with similar features to the use of the consumer until the repair of the vehicle is completed.

Although the consumer uses the right to repair, the vehicle;

  • From the date of delivery to the consumer, within one year, provided that they remain within the warranty period; In addition to malfunctioning at least four times or six times within the warranty period determined by the manufacturer-manufacturer and / or importer, these malfunctions should continue to not benefit from the vehicle,

  • Exceeding the maximum time required for repair,

  • If the service station is not available if the service station is not available, if it is determined that the fault cannot be repaired with the report to be issued by a seller, dealer, agent, representative, importer or manufacturer respectively, 2 years or 60.000 km (whichever comes first) legally. Within the warranty period, the consumer may request a free replacement of the vehicle, a refund or a discount in the rate of defect.

Problems, incompatibilities and malfunctions caused by the absence of original parts in maintenance and repairs are under the responsibility of the institutions and individuals applying these parts and are not covered by the warranty.

Malfunctions resulting from the use of the vehicle contrary to the issues in the Vehicle User's Guide are out of warranty.

4. Conditions Not Covered by Warranty

  • Paint thickness within Honda paint standards cannot be evaluated as a production defect. There are differences in the regional paint thicknesses of the product; these differences cannot be evaluated as a production error. Paint thickness standard in Honda vehicles is up to 300 microns. There may be a ton of paint difference between the body plastic parts of the vehicle (bumpers, laths, door handles, mirrors, etc.) and metal parts. This situation cannot be evaluated as a production error.

  • Malfunctions in the vehicles that our company does not distribute and / or manufacture, • Malfunctions occurring after the warranty period, • Periodic maintenance (daily maintenance, periodic maintenance, periodic replacement of parts etc.) recommended in the User Manual or authorized dealer determined by our company malfunctions that may occur as a result of maintenance, adjustment or repair in places other than service centers,

  • Malfunctions caused by the use of oil, fuel, hydraulic and other liquids (engine oil, transmission oil, differential oil, brake fluid, radiator fluid, fuel, etc.) that are not in the nature specified in the User Guide,

  • Modifications and accessories that our company has not approved,

  • Batteries not being tested due to lack of periodic maintenance,

  • Excessive strain of the vehicle due to competition or rally, use under improper road conditions,

  • Problems arising from natural disasters such as earthquake, storm, flood, hail, avalanche, landslide, fire,

  • Paint and nickel problems caused by smoke, chemical liquids, acid rains, drugs, bird droppings, insect death, animal blood, sea water and salt, road salts,

  • Paint or nickel-coated parts of the vehicle should not be cleaned for a long time or dust, mud, exhaust gas, etc. paint deterioration, yellowing, rust and oxidation caused by factors,

  • Apart from the standard production that the manufacturer deems appropriate, additional equipment, parts, paints, varnishes, insulation, etc. that can be requested can be requested. Additional operations such as damage caused by hard foreign materials (glass breakage, paint splash, radiator or condenser puncture, headlight glass, signal glass, fog glass breakage, etc.) while driving,

  • Failures arising from the normal level of oil, coolant, hydraulic levels as a result of the user not performing daily maintenance,

  • Cracks, cracks, scratches, crushes etc. caused by external factors in the bodywork, glass and plastic parts. Damage

  • Corruption and wear caused by external effects such as accident, stone hit, scratch, dents, hitting the bump, falling into the pit and road defects; - Front and rear parts, - Tire, - Driving with low tire pressure, - Suspension geometry malfunctions and irregularities,

  • Paint and bodywork problems caused by washing the vehicle with unsuitable auto shampoo, chemical cleaners or brushes and cloths,

  • Malfunctions caused by washing with liquids such as extreme pressure, extreme hot or cold water (deformation in paint, coating removal or deformation, wick, deformation of seals etc.),

  • Silicone, perfume etc. used for shine, protector, deodorizer etc. arising from the use of substances;

    Surface deterioration in the fabric or interior coatings of the vehicle, - Cracks, fractures and deformations on leather or vinyl surfaces and coatings,
    Color change, wrinkling, blistering, peeling, deformation etc.,
  • From fuel sources; engine, fuel lines, filters, floats, fuel pump, exhaust system, catalytic converter or sensor malfunctions,

  • Malfunctions due to driver negligence and defect,

  • Malfunctions that may occur as a result of misuse of the vehicle,

  • Clutch pressure and pad; malfunctions caused by the pressure of the vehicle in the form of frequent shifting in the form of frequent shifting, pressing the clutch pedal or keeping the foot on the clutch pedal continuously, driving in the snow and mud or on the slope, driving in the form of frequent shifts,

  • Supplies,

  • Malfunctions caused by keeping the horn pressed for a long time,

  • Malfunctions caused by adding engine oil, engine coolant, gearbox, differential oil and all kinds of additives to the fuel,

  • Faults caused by excessive strain of parts such as brakes and engines within the first 1000 km of the vehicle's running-in period,

  • Vehicles where the necessary registration is not made or the actual mileage cannot be determined by changing the odometer,

  • Noise and vibrations due to vehicle operation are not covered by the warranty.

5. Unmet Expenses

  • Parts that wear out over time as a result of normal use, parts and labor expenses for periodic maintenance and consumables and cleaning costs, clutch, press and pads, brake discs and pads, all filters, belts, fluids, oils, spark plugs, wipers, tires, batteries, balls (bearings), bulbs, etc. parts are out of warranty.

  • Fees for repairs other than authorized Honda services,

  • Costs required to replace or add air conditioning gas, oil and hydraulics resulting from use,

  • Problems arising from not using the vehicle for a long time or using at short distances (tire, battery, etc.)

  • Malfunctions that occur after the warranty period have not been evaluated within the scope of the warranty.

  • Complaints (sound etc.) resulting from use on rough roads are not considered under warranty.

  • Tire problems are examined by the tire manufacturer / representative and a warranty assessment is made according to the firm's determination.

6. Rules The User Must Follow

For a comfortable and safe driving, use your vehicle as specified in the Owner's Manual. Make sure you have / do the daily maintenance and periodic maintenance recommended in the User Manual.

Do not overload your vehicle. Do not exceed the loading limits specified in the User's Guide or the compliance document. Problems that may occur in case of overload are not covered by the warranty.

7. Warranty Limits

Applies to vehicles sold and used within the borders of the TRNC.

8. Product Economic Life

10 years.

9. Production Changes

Levent Motor Ltd. reserves the right to make changes without having to make the same or similar changes to previously manufactured and / or sold vehicles. Brochures, web page and products, models, hardware etc. specified on the internet. there may be changes and differences between the visual accessories and the vehicle delivered.

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