Which feature do you think a super sports car makes super? Speed, design or performance ... Why not all together?

While we were dreaming of the first generation NSX in 1990, we asked ourselves. And we created the NSX, which is a beginning of a new era in super sports cars that stimulate all the senses.

Now we have gone beyond our dreams and brought life to the super car that will provide a unique experience.

Here it is. Inspired by dreams, inspired by Honda engineers: New NSX



Its revolutionary multi-material lightweight chassis and body not only offer the best in-class body rigidity, but also give you a unique experience with the feel of the engine, suspension and steering.

NSX's innovative sports hybrid engine consists of a 3.5-liter twin-turbo-powered V6 engine powered by three electric motors. Renewed from the ground up, the NSX offers 581 PS of power and torque that responds to your requests instantly.

The nine-speed dual clutch automatic transmission (DCT) responds as soon as you press the gas, providing the most efficient and smooth driving experience at any speed.

  • 3493cc ENGINE
  • 645Nm TORQUE
  •  Hybrid engine
  •  308 km/s top speed



Combining the electric and gasoline engine for exceptional driving experience, NSX offers you 4 different driving modes.

Quiet Mode

While going for a romantic dinner with your spouse or with the birds outside on the road on a beautiful summer morning ... Sometimes you just want silence. The silence you need is in NSX with Quite Mode whenever you want.

Sport Mode

Speed ​​is in the spirit of NSX. Sport Mode ensures that electric engines and gasoline engines work in unmatched harmony. You just sit in the seat of NSX and experience the speed and comfort with all your senses.

Sport + Mode

With Sport + Mode, the power of NSX reaches its peak and gives you a brand new excitement in every corner.

Track Mode

Racing Mode will free the racing pilot in your soul. With Racing Mode, NSX will transform into a completely different car, revealing all its strength and will focus solely on the road.


Technical DetailsV6 Twin Turbo 3.5L DOHC** (9EDCT)
Engine Hybrid
Fuel system Direct & port injection
Fuel type Gasoline + Electricity
Diameter x stroke (mm) 91,0 x 89,5
Volume (cc) 3493
Compression ratio 10: 1
Maximum power 581 PS
Maximum torque 645 Nm @ 2000/6000 rpm
Front brake discs Two-piece perforated aluminum center steel
Rear brake discs Two-piece perforated aluminum center steel
Suspension (Front) Double-Wishbone, double-link lower link arm; aluminum structure
Suspension (Rear) Multi sleeves; aluminum structure
Transmission 9EDCT
Maximum speed (km / h) 308
Weight, running weight of the vehicle (kg) 1847
Tires Front: 245 / 35ZR19 93Y / Rear: 305 / 30ZR20 103Y
Fuel tank (lt) 59
Trunk volume (lt) 110
Length (mm) 4487
Width (mm) 1939
Height (mm) 1204
Axle distance (mm) 2630
Front wheel track (mm) 1659
Rear wheel track (mm) 1620
Inner city (lt / 100 km) 10,3
Out of town (lt / 100 km) 9.9
United (lt / 100 km) 10
CO2 emission (g / km) 228


Enjoy the unique driving experience by test-driving your Honda...

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